.apa yang saya harap



Kadangkadang awak busy
Kadangkadang awak banyak masa untuk saya

Kadangkadang awak garang
Kadangkadang awak sangat sweet

Kadangkadang awak macam tak kesah
Kadangkadang awak terlalu ambil berat

Saya harap cinta kasih sayang rindu awak
bukan untuk kadangkadang.
Tapi untuk selamanya.


Dear Love,

I’m sorry if I can be a little bit impatient, annoying, and pain in the ass. But I want you to know that I love you and only you and no one else! You will always be my favorite topic to talk about and I love your smile. You will never be replaced and I hope we will last long. We’ll never know what the future might bring so, I promise you I will never let you go :’)

Loving you always, ME