.Nuffnang | Payment on Hold Due to Possible Incomplete Payee Name

Salam Readers~

Beberapa jam yang lepas, I dapat email daripada Nuffnang berkenaan dengan cheque ke-6 yang I cash out hujung oktober lepas. Ingatkan cheque dah on the way tapi rupanya kena hold. Isk.. T__T

Dear Nuffnanger,

As we're going through the cash out requests due end of this month, we came across your request and we suspect that your Payee Name might be inaccurate.

Do take note that the Payee Name on a cheque addressed to you should always be your full name as registered in your IC. Should your Payee Name not be the same as your IC, you'll not be able to bank in the cheque sent to you. As such, please do not miss out Bin/Binti or A/L / A/P or your maiden name when you confirm your full name with us.

Kindly contact us through our helpdesk to confirm with us if your Payee Name is accurate. Should you require for us to change or amend it accordingly, kindly request for it through the helpdesk and provide your IC number to verify your identity.

Should you not contact us, your cash out will be undone and your earnings will be transferred back to your Current Earnings.

Thank you.

Blogger Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd
I dah submit dah ticket lepas 2 saat I baca email dari pihak Nuffnang tu. Fuhhh...mintak-mintak dapat lah cheque ni cepat-cepat-cepat. I tak sabar nak beli Blackberry ni..... *dreaming*

Duit tak banyak mana, ada hati nak beli BB.