.MGT 417 #2 - .My life as a teacher

Salam readers~

And hello to non-muslim readers. My name is Intan Nurulfateha binti Baharom. People call me Intan instead of Fateha. My family call me Angah. I am 24 years old. I lived in Muar, Johor for nearly 24 years with my lovely family. I'm just 37kg and 152 cm.

My first school was at SK Air Hitam Batu 15. I studied there from Year 1 until Year 6. Then I moved on to SMK Air Hitam Baru 15 and studied in Science Stream for 5 years. Then I continued my studies at UiTM Arau in Diploma Geomatic Science (Natural Resources) for 2 semester and was transferred to UiTM Shah Alam until I graduated there on May 2009.

After I finished my diploma, I just stayed at home for about 6 months. Then I got an offer as a substitute teacher at SK Parit No 5 as an English Teacher. I taught Year 3 students in 3 different classes. I also taught them Art Subject. I never thought that I could be a teacher as I was just a diploma holder and I do not have any experience on teaching. So, when I got this opportunity, I would never let it go. I grabbed it and proved to all and my family that I could teach the students.

*With my ex-students of SK Parit No. 5*

I taught at SK Parit No 5, Muar Johor for only 2 months. But I got a lot of experiences there. I built a new relationship between students and teachers. I was also involved in "Kem Motivasi Darjah 6". After finished my contract there, I stayed at home.

*With my ex-students of SK Bukit Naning*

In not more than a month, I got a new offer as a substitute. I felt so lucky when I got this second opportunity. The second school that I taught was my school when I was a just a little girl, SK Bukit Naning. There, i taught Pendidikan Sivik and Kajian Tempatan for Year 4, 5 and 6! Although I was really tired of working there, it was not a big deal because I gained a new experience there.

*This is what we called as AN ART hehe*

Then, after finishing my contract there, I stayed at home, look after my grandmother and my little sister at home. My grandmother is not feeling very well. I fed her and my little sister everyday as they cannot do it by themselves. Then on August, i got the next offer as a substitute teacher. But it was different then before. I had to teach English subject to students at secondary school which is my late school when I was a teenager.

*At library of SMK Air Hitam*

I needed to teach English but my English was bad. I'm so scared when the principal ask me to teach English for Form 4 and 5 as there were not enough teacher to teach English there. But, I was lucky because I just need to teach literature in English. He he.

*With my ex-students of SMK Air Hitam*

I finished my contract there 2 weeks before Hari Raya Puasa. Then, after I finished my contract, I became a part-time translator which translates English phrases to Malay phrases. This is my new experience and this job can help me to improve my English too.

I worked as a translator for 2 months until I resign. I resigned because I got an offer letter from UiTM to further my study in Bachelor (Hons.) of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) at UiTM Bandaraya Melaka. Click HERE to read the entry about it. Sorry because I wrote it in malay due to my personal blog which is written in Malay.

And now, I am happy studying in UiTM Bandaraya Melaka as an HR student. I hope I can finish my study and get the first class of degree, insyaAllah.

That's all for now. I'll write later. Bye! :)

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