.kadang-kadang orang rasa macam orang layan adik-adik

.zeza a.k.a housemate
.berumur 20 tahun

.intan a.k.a ketua rumah
.berumur 24 tahun

.hall rumah

.9.45 pm

.pemangsa : jejahhh.. boleh tolong kita tak?
.mangsa : tolong apa kak?
.pemangsa : tolong amek gambar kita
.mangsa : alaaa, nak letak dekat blog lah tuu
.pemangsa : heeee~

.yay! yay!
.esok bakal roomate sampai malaysia~

.close up sikit

.cis! mata lebam akibat selalu nangis
*padan muka!*

.5 minit kemudian.

.mangsa : kadang-kadang orang rasa macam orang layan "adik adik"
.pemangsa : hahahahaha!

.susah kan kalau dapat
ketua rumah-berumur-24-tahun-berbadan-kecil
dan-mempunyai tabiat buruk seperti ini
.nasib korang laaaaa~~

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

.sayang, i miss you!
.i miss you much more!

.esok kita jumpa kan? :)

.nak tau tips dapat duit banyak dari blogging tak?

.salam readers~

.nanti i bagi tips untuk jadi blogger tegar yek!

.walaupun i tak lah best mana pun,
rasanya tak salah kalau nak share apa yang i tau kan kan?

.so, malam sikit i post entry

.bai! :)

.MGT 417 #4 - .Make Money With Blogging

Salam Readers~

And hello to non-muslim readers. Today, I would like to share a story about "Make Money With Blogging". I myself have earned money from blogging through Nuffnang. That's why I love my blog so much. It is all about money. He he. If you feel unfamiliar with "Nuffnang", here is an article about Nuffnang. Hope this article can make you clear about it.

Nuffnang is an online blog advertising community, with over 118,817 bloggers spanning across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. Nuffnang had a total of 5,110,861,010 number of ad impressions served on the entire Nuffnang network just in the year 2009 itself.

Nuffnang was launched in February 2007 by Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam and Cheo Ming Shen. Nuffnang's online platform allows advertisers to serve graphic or even video based advertisements onto more than 100,000 blogs. Nuffnang.com has offices in 4 different countries which are Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Melbourne since November 2008. Nuffnang bloggers are known as Nuffnangers. Nuffnang has been featured on mainstream newspapers like The Star, Malaysia and The Sunday Times, Singapore amongst other media.

Nuffnang is more than just a blog advertising company, Nuffnang has also created a blogging community among bloggers everywhere. Nuffnang also frequently hosts free movie screenings and events for bloggers and clients. In the year 2009, a total of 43 movies and 28 events were hosted by Nuffnang.com worldwide. Nuffnang bloggers will also automatically become Nuffnang Gliteratti members if they are known not to have any other SEA ad networks. Nuffnang itself as a blogging community has a platform called Innit which works as a blog aggregator for Nuffnang Glitterati Bloggers. Innit.nuffnang.com revolutionize the way Nuffnang community connects with each other by sharing topics, blog posts and able to increase each other blogs traffic.

In conjunction of Nuffnang's 2nd anniversary, Nuffnang hosted the first regional blog awards ever in Singapore. Over 400 bloggers from Asia Pacific attended the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Award.
I got this article from this site.
Refer : From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ok. Now, I will share my experience in making money with blogging. I have started blogging since January 2009 which is already 1 year. But I am only serious in blogging about 6 months ago. And I have earned about almost RM300. I just sit in front of my computer and type anything that flashes through my mind. Sometimes about my family, my boyfriend, my friend, my campus life, gossips of artists and also current issues. But I avoid myself to write about politics which might bring more harm than good. There are many cases on that. So, it is better to keep myself in silent. He he.

.click to enlarge.

My first cheque from Nuffnang was RM74.55. I cash out on September 7, 2009 and a month after that, the cheque arrived at my house. I was so surprised because it was my first cheque from Nuffnang. Then, I became active back in blogging until I cash out my second earning which is RM 150.44 on January 21, 2009. See? In only 4 months I can get double payment from Nuffnang. And now, my money increase day by day. Thank you Nuffnang. It makes my dreams come true. :)

Last but not least,
Happy Birthday Nuffnang!

You're rock my world!

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

I blog this to fullfill my second task which is:

b) The web page that you have developed should have the following sections:
--- Information about yourself, includes your photo(s)
--- At least 3 posts/essays written by you. (Around 450 words)
--- At least 3 articles, including your comments, that are relevant to your studies. *1st entry
--- At least 3 external links to other Internet-sites.

Enough said for now.

Thank you.


.MGT 417 #3 - .Why I love blogging?

Salam readers~

And hello to non-muslim readers. I love blogging. I started blogging in the late of January 2009. So, it is already 1 year since I wrote in this blog. I never thought that I would have such as 800+ followers in my lovely blog. I love my blog very much. I wrote everything about me in this blog. I wrote both about the sweetest memory of mine, even the bitter memory of mine, here.

I created this blog on 31 January 2009 as I was frustrated when broke up with my so-called-boyfriend. I do not want to explain much on that unless I will get extra mark on that. He he. Then, I made this blog as my public diary so that I can get the feedback in every single entry I wrote. So, do not hesitate to leave your comment to my entry. Thank You!

I also earned money from this blog. Until now, I managed to get almost RM200 per month when my blog visitor reaches 200 unique visitors every day. Maybe this is enough for me when you just seat in front of the computer and easily get RM200 per month by writing an entry per day.

I use Nuffnang as my sponsor in my blog. Nuffnang gives me money through my unique visitor and also CTR (Click through ratio). Click HERE for more information. My daily unique visitors are about 200-300, Alhamdulillah. For those who are newbie in blogger world, I have wrote some tutorials for them to start blogging like me.

I will explain more about Nuffnang in my next entry. That entry will be on the third section of the second task which is an article, including comments of mine.

I also joined the bloggers community to get close to the other bloggers. Two weeks ago, i joined a gathering at the Mines, Sri Kembangan. I have wrote about that event in my blog. But I wrote it in Malay. Please refer to THIS. I really had fun there. We shared our experiences on blogging with each other.

*Yes, we LOVE blogging!*

*The Clan*

Blogging is interesting right? I've told you before! He he. That's all for today. Will write later. Till then. Bye! :)

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

I blog this to fulfill my second task which is:

b) The web page that you have developed should have the following sections:
--- Information about yourself, includes your photo(s)
--- At least 3 posts/essays written by you. (Around 450 words) *2nd entry
--- At least 3 articles, including your comments, that are relevant to your studies.
--- At least 3 external links to other Internet-sites.

Enough said for now.
Thank you.


.bila air dah naik kepala

.bila air dah naik kepala
.makan nasik pun nak keluar balik

.bila air dah naik kepala
.minum air, semua rasa tawar

.bila air dah naik kepala
.assignment berlambak-lambak,
tak mampu nak buat

.bila air dah naik kepala
.entry yang nak auto publish,
dah tertekan publish


.bila nak kebah nehh
.letih lah sakit-sakit neh

.malas nak makan ubat
.bila makan ubat, kerja tak siap
.asyik tido, tido tido! :(

.k lah, bai! :(

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

.test postpone
.esok cuma ada quiz
.thank God

.sick *update*

.i am suffering!

.sakit tekak & perit
.lenguh kaki

.tak pasal-pasal pagi tadi tak boleh pergi kelas
.dah lah ada quiz

.i tak boleh jalan
.kaki menggigil, lenguh gila

.next class pukul 12.30
.i tak nak ponteng lagiiii
.harap-harap tak pengsan nanti

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*


.i dah pergi klinik tadi .banyak plak ubat doc bagi .ada ubat demam, ubat gatal-gatal, ubat sapu, ubat sakit tekak and multivitamin .so petang ni tak pergi kelas .doc advised me to rest today .mahu tidur kejap lagi sebab ubat tu buat i rasa mengantuk .i dah kena gatal-gatal dekat badan .mintak-mintak bukan sebab demam campak sebab adik i dekat rumah tuh dah demam campak

.dan esok pagi ada test MKT420
.so, wish me luck ekkk
.harap-harap esok ok

.i nak tidur dulu
.kepala dah berat gila
.asyik bersin jerr, hidung pun dah sakit

.ni yang nak nangis neh
.bai! :(

.MGT 417 #2 - .My life as a teacher

Salam readers~

And hello to non-muslim readers. My name is Intan Nurulfateha binti Baharom. People call me Intan instead of Fateha. My family call me Angah. I am 24 years old. I lived in Muar, Johor for nearly 24 years with my lovely family. I'm just 37kg and 152 cm.

My first school was at SK Air Hitam Batu 15. I studied there from Year 1 until Year 6. Then I moved on to SMK Air Hitam Baru 15 and studied in Science Stream for 5 years. Then I continued my studies at UiTM Arau in Diploma Geomatic Science (Natural Resources) for 2 semester and was transferred to UiTM Shah Alam until I graduated there on May 2009.

After I finished my diploma, I just stayed at home for about 6 months. Then I got an offer as a substitute teacher at SK Parit No 5 as an English Teacher. I taught Year 3 students in 3 different classes. I also taught them Art Subject. I never thought that I could be a teacher as I was just a diploma holder and I do not have any experience on teaching. So, when I got this opportunity, I would never let it go. I grabbed it and proved to all and my family that I could teach the students.

*With my ex-students of SK Parit No. 5*

I taught at SK Parit No 5, Muar Johor for only 2 months. But I got a lot of experiences there. I built a new relationship between students and teachers. I was also involved in "Kem Motivasi Darjah 6". After finished my contract there, I stayed at home.

*With my ex-students of SK Bukit Naning*

In not more than a month, I got a new offer as a substitute. I felt so lucky when I got this second opportunity. The second school that I taught was my school when I was a just a little girl, SK Bukit Naning. There, i taught Pendidikan Sivik and Kajian Tempatan for Year 4, 5 and 6! Although I was really tired of working there, it was not a big deal because I gained a new experience there.

*This is what we called as AN ART hehe*

Then, after finishing my contract there, I stayed at home, look after my grandmother and my little sister at home. My grandmother is not feeling very well. I fed her and my little sister everyday as they cannot do it by themselves. Then on August, i got the next offer as a substitute teacher. But it was different then before. I had to teach English subject to students at secondary school which is my late school when I was a teenager.

*At library of SMK Air Hitam*

I needed to teach English but my English was bad. I'm so scared when the principal ask me to teach English for Form 4 and 5 as there were not enough teacher to teach English there. But, I was lucky because I just need to teach literature in English. He he.

*With my ex-students of SMK Air Hitam*

I finished my contract there 2 weeks before Hari Raya Puasa. Then, after I finished my contract, I became a part-time translator which translates English phrases to Malay phrases. This is my new experience and this job can help me to improve my English too.

I worked as a translator for 2 months until I resign. I resigned because I got an offer letter from UiTM to further my study in Bachelor (Hons.) of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) at UiTM Bandaraya Melaka. Click HERE to read the entry about it. Sorry because I wrote it in malay due to my personal blog which is written in Malay.

And now, I am happy studying in UiTM Bandaraya Melaka as an HR student. I hope I can finish my study and get the first class of degree, insyaAllah.

That's all for now. I'll write later. Bye! :)

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

I blog this to fulfill my second task which is:

b) The web page that you have developed should have the following sections:
--- Information about yourself, includes your photo(s)
--- At least 3 posts/essays written by you. (Around 450 words) *1st entry
--- At least 3 articles, including your comments, that are relevant to your studies.
--- At least 3 external links to other Internet-sites.

Enough said for now.
Thank you.


.gila kau, dalam kolej ni cuma ada 3 orang termasuk i!

.dan bukan dalam bilik i okeyh!

.ada 10 tingkat kolej ni
.cuma level i *level 7 ada orang iaitu roomate i
.dia orang sarawak, sebab tu dia tak balik kampung
.dan lagi seorang, di level 10, dia pun orang sarawak

.so, total 3 orang termasuk i




.kalau tau, i balik esok
.atau esok
.atau esok!

.tapi di sebabkan assignment yang bertimbun,
.i gagahkan diri & cekalkan hati
*padahal dalam hati nak nangis

.sekarang ni, roomate i pergi tingkat 10
.gi lepak dengan kawan dia tuhh
.tinggal i sorang-sorang dalam bilik

.i tak takut langsung
.sila percaya!

.habis semua lampu dalam rumah ni i bukak
.kolej i style apartment
.so, ada dapur, ruang tamu semua

.dah lah, i nak off pc
.i nak buat-buat tidur


.bai! :(

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

.nasib baik i pinjam berukband adik i
.tak de lah i bosan sangat
.tapi nextweek dah kena post balik dekat dia
.cheh! kedekut punya adik!

.MGT 417 #1 - .Intro : Information Technology in Business

Salam Readers~

And hello to non-muslim readers. This is my very first entry in this assignment for subject Information Technology in Business (MGT 417). I need to submit this assignment after my mid-sem break. As you can see below, the instruction of the tasks are given as.

1) Complete all the tasks given below.
2) Complete the tasks in English.
3) Date of submission : After mid-sem break.

a) Develop a personal website for yourself. *i already have my own blog and my lecturer gave the permission to continue doing assignment in my current blog
b) The web page that you have developed should have the following sections:
--- Information about yourself, includes your photo(s) *i love this part! hehe
--- At least 3 posts/essays written by you. (Around 450 words)
--- At least 3 articles, including your comments, that are relevant to your studies.
--- At least 3 external links to other Internet-sites.
c) Print out your website and compile them in a folder before you hand in.

1) Marks will be given according to the following criteria:
--- Layout if your web page: How impressive it is?
--- Your creativity in designing in your web page: It is your idea or just another piece of "copy paste" work?
--- Use friendliness at your web page: How easily the readers can read your posts, or search for information from your web page.
--- Quality of your posts/essays: How well you are able to present your ideas to the readers?
--- Accessibility of your external links: Could the external links be opened?

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

*We had fun in MGT's class*

Have you read all the tasks, instructions and remarks above? Really interesting right? I just can't wait to finish up all the tasks and submit it to my lecturer. I aim an "A" in this subject. For this assignment, 15% will be given to me if i can complete all the tasks successfully. So guys, please pray for my success and wish me luck.

Enough said for now.

Thank you.


.jangan terkejut pulak!

.salam readers~

.sekarang ni i agak busy siapkan assignment
.account & MGT

.account ni biasa lah, kena buat ledjer, journal & cash book
.memang menguji kepala otak i lah

.i dah lah tak pernah ada basic account tu

.tapi part MGT i loikee
.assignment kena create blog
.kena buat entry in english

.dalam 6 entry kena buat
.i dah siap 2, tapi dalam draft lagi

.so, lepas ni if korang tengok blog i
tiba tiba cakap mat saleh,
jangan tekejut pulak heh!

.i dah buat new tab dekat atas tu, khas untuk subject MGT
.i malas nak create blog baru dahh
.lecturer pun ON jerr ^^

.so, wish me luck! ^^
.i nak sambung buat assignment neh *poyo lebih

.bai! :)

.tips cepat kaya dengan nuffnang! #1

.salam readers~

.kali ni i nak share something yang sangat interesting tentang nuffnang .very useful untuk nuffnangers yang baru involve dalam dunia blogging & nuffnang dan juga kepada bloggers lama yang tak berapa tau pasal nuffnang .i copy paste dari page nuffnang, so korang boleh baca kat bawah ni okeyh! :) .kalau tak faham lagi, boleh tanya i nanti i explain ^^

Why are my ads ‘sleeping’ in the day time and only ‘wake up’ at night time?

- Advertisers always purchase campaigns to run for a period of time.
- For example, if an advertiser purchases an mCPM campaign which will reach out to 700 unique visitors to your blog for 7 days, that means each day, your ad unit will show the ad from that advertiser to the first 100 unique visitors to your blog. As the day starts at 12.00am, the ads will be displayed starting from then on till its daily quota of 100 unique visitors has been filled, and it will stop showing after that. When the clock strikes 12.00am the next day, the routine repeats itself.
- The same applies for CPC campaigns. For example, if an advertiser buys 700 clicks for a campaign to last over a period of 14 days, 50 clicks will be allocated to all the blogs on the Nuffnang network each day. Every day the CPC ad will be displayed on all blogs which are not serving any mCPM campaigns at the moment, and once 50 clicks have been registered for that day, the ads will no longer show till a new day begins again at 12.00 am.
- To summarise, Nuffnang ads do not ‘sleep’ and ‘wake up’ but merely perform based on the allocations of a campaign and behavior of visitors to blogs.

Can I click on my own ads to increase my earnings?

- Advertisers spend thousands to send their messages across to interested individuals via CPC campaigns. Thus, if you’re clicking on an ad on your own blog, make sure that it’s because you’re interested to find out more about the products/services advertised.
- If there is a case of intentional repetitive clicking on CPC ads just to increase earnings, the blogger involved will be given a warning and if the act does not stop, the account will be suspended and banned indefinitely which is a common practice in all ad networks.
- As our system is programmed in a way to recognize common traits and behaviors of visitors, we have clamped down on groups of bloggers assembled for the purpose of clicking on each other’s ad units for CPC campaigns in the past.
- We strongly advise against engaging in actions such as these and should anyone be caught, severe actions will be taken.

Do bloggers only earn when the ads are clicked?

No. The CPC campaign is only one of the 2 types of ads Nuffnang has to offer. All blogs are eligible for mCPM campaigns by default, but they must first satisfy the basic criteria of advertisers before they choose the right blogs for their campaigns.

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

.i copy paste 3 FAQs jerr yang i rasa macam best .huhu .nak tau lebih lanjut, klik SINI .dan pada siapa-siapa yang tak letak lagi nuffnang dalam blog, boleh belajar masukkan code dari tutorial i dekat SINI .i dah 2x cashout .walaupun earning i tak sebanyak melz, tapi i bersyukur dan dapat lah i makan kenny rogers & shopping sikit .huhuhu .siapa cakap dengan berblogging tak boleh dapat duit beb! .hahaha

.k lah, selamat tidur semua
.bai! :)

.dah lama tak cium cium

.salam readers~

.tak lama lagi valentine!







.errrr oke oke
.i cuma imagine apa yang akan terjadi
sekiranya i sudah kahwin

.kite kan orang islam
.mana boleh celebrate velentine ni

.tak elok tau!
*sila takut*

.i pun dah kena sound dekat SINI

.tapi i tak pernah celebrate velentine
.sila percaya!

.i tengok tv jerr orang celebrate valentine
.cerita omputih, ceta cina, cita tamil, semua ceta i layan ;)
.macam besttttt jerrr ^^

.dapat bunga

.dapat chocolate
peluk cium
*imagine lagi*

.tapi kalau ada
.candle light dinner
.pun oke! ;)

.siap buat largest & red font lagik u!
.kalau orang tu tak faham, tak tau lah

.kan i dah merepek .gian sangat nak update blog dekat rumah .ok tidur dulu .dah nantok gilos ni .wahhh heavennye dapat tidur dekat katil yang empuk! *batak* huhu .i baru sampai rumah ni .esok i blog marathon & reply comment korang dekat chatbox k

.bai! :)

.kasihanilah pada orang yang miskin macam i

.salam readers~

.i tau i miskin
.i sangat batak mahu internet
.jadi i terpaksa create gambar di atas ni untuk mengubat luka di hati

.warghhhhhhhh tekanan!
.sekarang ni i dekat cc

.i dah buat 3 scheduled post termasuk entry ni

.sangat batak kan i ni?
.i peduli hape!

.dannnn sekarang i mau survey sama itu berukband
.mana yang bagus ek?

.i dah try guna celcom berukband adik i
.sangat lembssssssss

.i dah try guna meksis berukband roomate i
.juga sangat lembssssssszzzzzzz

.dan malangnya digi berukband belum cover melaka
.so, digi tidak boleh masuk dalam list

.korang rasa berukband apa yang elok ek?
.i nak pakej yang UNLIMITED usage!

.tak silap i, streamyx ada buat pakej baru untuk student
.RM50 per month
.ok ke tak ek?

.apa pendapat korang?

.help me ekkkk!

.bai! :)

.i tau i kurang, tapi i tak pernah nak kacau korang!

.salam readers~
.this is the scheduled post.

.yer, i rasa sedih
.bila orang yang i anggap "kawan" boleh cakap macam tu pada i

.jangan lah nak underestimate orang macam i
.i tak mintak jadi macam ni
.tapi i redha

.tapi i tetap terasa bila dia dia dia dan dia cakap macam tu
.walaupun luaran i nampak kuat, tapi dalam hati i ada taman
.cehhh tak memasal ;D

.tapi i tak kisah pun
.i tak dapat dosa
.dia yang dapat
.malah, i dapat pahala ;)

.baca SINI kalau tak paham
.pada bloggers yang dah pernah jumpa i time gathering hari tu,
thanks sebab masih lagi sudi kawan dengan orang macam i

.ohhh got to go now
.kang i nangis kang kat cc ni

.bai semua~ :)

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

.dunia ni bulat
.hari ni hari aku
.esok esok hari kau pulak

.tau lah kaya, tapi tak perlu lah nak berlagak!

.salam readers~
.this is the scheduled post.

.wahhhh kehangatan gathering blogger masih terasa
.i baru lepas marathon baca entry blogger lain
.superrrrr best!

.can't waiy to join the next event

.korang nak baca tak entry diaorang?


.eh sebenarnya i nak update pasal benda lain
.tapi terrrr-batak dengan gathering

.ni ha, nak cakap
.dah 2 hari i nampak kereta kena clamp dekat parking lot campus i

.agak-agak lah nak parking pun .i tau lah korang kaya tapi tak perlu lah nak parking dekat laluan keluar .parking lah dekat tempat lain .kan dah tutup laluan keluar .takkan nak terbangkan motor/kereta kiteorang pulak .adoiiii =.="

.gila ini orang!

.ok, bai! :)

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*

.pada siapa-siapa i tak link entry korang,
.do inform me okeyh! :)

.i tau i memang ketinggalan zaman

.salam readers~
.scheduled post.

.i baru explore benda ni
.best jugak~

.korang try lahh
.i tak sure benda ni baru or lama
.rasa baru kot ^^

.sekian, bai! :)

.adik-adik baru ^^

.salam readers~
.scheduled post.

.err boleh tak kalau i tak nak mengaku diri i kakak
walaupun i tua 2-4 tahun dari mereka-mereka ini

.mereka-mereka ini adalah housemate i dekat kolej

.jejahh & wani
.i selalu pinjam meksis berukband jejah
walaupun dia tak rela ;p

.i, yaya & emy
.kat kedai makan somewhere at ayer keroh, mlk

.emy & emma
.emma khusyuk pilih menu
.dah lapar sangat lah tuuu ^^

.i nampak muda kan?
.kah kah!

.i dah cakap, i tak layak jadik kakak
.kan dah menyesal

.sekian, bai! ;)

*.:。✿*゚‘゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*゚’゚・✿.。.:* *.:。✿*


.time entry ni auto-publish, i ada di

.mesti i jadi pendiam gila
.i kan pemalu