.oh tag #4

1. Your hp model?
.motorola v3xx

3. How many times did your hp get tortured by you?
.sgt byk kali .huhuhu sian die

4. Which part of your hp u hate the most and why?
.camera x clear sgt kot 1.3 mpixel je

5. Which part of your hp you like most and why?

6. What icon do you like the most?

7. What else to change to become a perfect hp?
.beli baru jew
.abah ckp nk beli nokia 3g baru!

8. You need a handphone because?
.dulu beli sbb nk 3g laa
.hp ni murah tym beli dulu rm700+ je compared with hp sony n nokia 3g

9. Who bought this handphone for you?
.mama :) .tenkiu tenkiu

10. With the total amount of your hp price, what could you buy others than hp?
.rm700 lebey je tym tu .skng rse da mkin murah
.emm shoppink!!!

11. Is your hp model popular in the market?
.ntah la .x popular sgt kot .huhu

12. Describe yourself as a smart hp user?
.smart la sgtt :D

13. How often do u charge your hp?

14. Estimate, how long could your hp survive?
.setahun lagik mungkin? .ahaha

15. Actually are you interested in hp?
.yes sbb die slim shady cam aku :P

16. Are u happy with your hp condition now?
.currently yes :)

17. Every morning, what is the first thing u do with your hp?
.tgk msg o miskol klu ade

18. Imagine someone takes your hp away for 1 day.. What would happens?
.fuhhh x leh x leh .byk rhsiaa dlm tu :D

19. No hp no life. agree or bullshit?
.xde la smpai pk no life but fo me pentin pnting la jgk hp neh

20. Tag 6 sexy phone users..
.sis hel
.sis suziey

.ahaks girls rules


:) .intanurulfateha