.oh tag #15

.tag dr si kechix
*kecik sgt ke kamu neh?*

001. Real Name: .intan nurulfateha binti baharom

002. Nickname(s): .sayang .dear :D .baby .hunny .aishu .intan .pateha .angah

003. Age: .22years old n will be 23 on dec!

004. Zodiac Sign: .saggitarius

005. Male or Female: .female :)

006. Elementary: .tabika KEMAS

007. Middle School: .sk bukit naning *skola yg saye ngaja skng!*

008. High School: .smk bukit naning

009. College School: .ex UiTM s.a

010. Hair Colour: .blonde :P

011. Long or Short: .long :)

012. Loud or Quit: .loud? :D
013. Sweats or Jeans: .jeans! .jeans! *saye mau memakai jeans di skola!*

014. Phone or Camera: .both! .haha

015. Health Freak: .yup
016. Drink or Smoke: .smoke~ .urban oke! *wahahaha urban la sgt*
017. Do you have a crush on someone: .aa ane de!

018. Eat or Drink: .both

019. Piercings: .err ears n nose :D
020. Tattoos: tatu? .nope

021. Social or Anti-Social: .social :)
022. First Piercing: .ears
023. First Relationship: .form 2

024. First Best Friend: .laila paridah md parlan

025. First Award: .tym masuk AF aritu .wahahaha :D

026. First Kiss: .kish? ane penah! :D
*smbil buat muke innocent*
027. First Pet: .err x suke

028. First Big Vacation: .x ingat la .lame dah

029. First Love at First Sight: .errr no comment

030. First Big Birthday: .stiap tahun my big besdae :)


031. Eating: .megi kari berapi
032. Drink: .mintak air nescafe adek sket *malas nk buat sndirik*
033. Excitement Level: .to the max!

034. I'm about to: .tade apape :P

035. Listening to: .love bug :)
036. Plan for today: .planning lesson x buat agik!

037. Waiting for: .my dear :P

038. Energy Level: .70% :)

039. Thinking of Someone: .no *oke saye tipu*
040. Want Kids?: .nak! .emm paling sket 3 orang :P
*mesti lah kene cute like their mummy and daddy!*
041. Want to Get Married?: .sure!

042. Careers in Mind?: .err cekgu?

Which is better in the boy/girl you like,

068. Lips or Eyes?: .lips *must b a gud kisser* .agagagagaga
069. Romantic or Funny?: .both :)
070. Shorter or Taller?: .shorter is cutest but taller pun oke :)
071. Protective or Caring?: .both *super protective n super caring*

072. Romantic or Spontaneous?: .both!
073. Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?: .agagagagaga soklan pe neh?

074. Sensitive or Loud?: .nanak la yg sensitive abb im alreadi sensitive

075. Hook-up or Relationship?: .relation is better

076. Trouble Maker or Hesitant?: .aaggagaga trouble maker! wahahaha

Have you ever,

080. Lost glasses or contacts: .ive got a very gud n nice eyes!

081. Ran away from home: .ane penah *saye budak baek*

082. Held a gun/knife for self defence: .err nk dear saye defence leh?

083. Killed somebody: .nope

084. Broken someone's heart: .die yg broke hati saye!

085. Been arrested: .nope *kan da kate saye budak baek!*

087. Cried when someone died: .hmm org x mati pun saye leh nanges

Do you believe in,

089. Yourself: .yes

090. Miracles: .yes

091. Love at first sight: .yes *klu hormon gediks melanda*

092. Heaven: .yes

093. Santa Claus: .yes sbb pnh dpt adiah tym krismes aritu *oke saye tipu*

094. Tooth Fairy: .gagagagaga *caye la sgt~*

095. Kiss in The First Date: .sure! .ahahahahah rugi sape x kish saye :D *im a gud kisser .opps*


097. Is there someone you would want to be with right now?:
.hmmm maybe yes .and maybe no*sigh*
098. Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now?: .hepi tp hopefuli it will las 4eva *x lrt nk sdey3 agik*
099. Do you believe in God?: .saye percaye Allah swt
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people: .sape yg bace, anda di paksa buat tag ini oke!

.ektuali soklan x ckup 100 pown .kechix penTIPU!

:) .intanurulfateha